Saturday, 10 January 2015

Android Game Developers

As an excellent author (I love to state that) I am obliged to write down a good article as well as provide you updates by what is happening from the technology filed, so I sensible to interview few individuals for latest on Android Application Development and Android Game Development that has been with us from a long time now and I always wanted to evaluate the progress of the usb ports from time Google bought Apple Inc. I hope you would surely find some good useful thing from this, should you have your idea to become converted into the app or game.

Checking around the streets for your good company developing good games and Android apps will not that useful, so have to Google it extensively. Before sorting out and checking on my Ego within the call, got appointment with one with the CTO of Android Application Development and Android Game Development Company named Morpheous. Well, rain completed it level advisable to make me wet and I tried my best with available resources to keep out of that stinking and wetting feeling, I failed. Entering in company wasn't tough and a valuable thing is they were expecting me (I love when someone expects me), was without to wait much and went strait into conference room, in which the kind person with a few experienced look was expecting me.

He was introduced as Mr. Shalin Shukla CEO in the company. Wondering why the corporation owner desired to meet me, I still stuck towards the plan of asking some great questions. "What you think of Google's progress in mobile technology, you know by now they have proved itself?" He said "When Android launched it did launched a hype but still did not our expectations and even after trying for too long we were disappointed with performance featuring its SDK used in Android Application Development and Android Game Development". "It took Google one year to make it better and after this its smooth and dealing good. Now we have been facing some problems in Honeycomb SDK, hope Google will solve it quick"

I asked "What you think of Android Application Development and Android Game Development?"' He continues "Both vary, for Game we need to use OpenGL and then for Android Application Development Android SDK alone can perform, unlike Apple we are able to use some third Party APIs and is particularly good to own better performing apps and game'We usually have detailed discuss with our clients before we start project, regarding idea and features in the Apps or Games" "It is critical for us to be aware of and implement it properly else on market, it's not going to catch attention we and client need it to"... To be continued... (Publishing part 2 soon)

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